Question about NPL

Hello everybody

I have a question about the current situation.

  1. I have had an NPL license for years. How many servers can I currently manage with it? I have only one server online for years but I would like to create a second one. Is that possible? What is the limit at the moment?

  2. Will npl license remain available for me and my community with the new licenses and TS5?



If you already have NPL then you are safe. It will stay the same, ts5 release has nothing to do with it. As for the servers, you can run 1 server on a single host with 2 virtual servers.


Okay sounds great. Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

So 2 virtual servers with 512 (in total) slots are available? And the NPL will remain and the staff of TS will not remove it in the future?


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As of now they haven’t said anything about removing NPL so it’s unlikely, and yes 512 slots in total between two virtual servers


You may want to review your license file, if you have a really old one it could have up to 10 virtual servers, the older one also didn’t restrict to a single server instance. I have my “live” server with 4-5 small v-servers on one instance and also a “test” instance with 1 v-server for testing new server releases before rolling to the live server. Total slots across all v-servers still limited to 512.

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In the old days you had 512 slots and a server on which you could create 10 virtual servers. Then, as most should know, there were 512 slots with 2 virtual servers. And in the last few months of the NPL, the license allowed only one virtual server.


Should be sometime in 2013 or 2014. I’m not sure. But I think that the changes on 2 virtual servers were adapted globally - or not?

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As far as I know as long as the license remains active it was not forced to the new model with less v-servers allowed. Unless that only didn’t happen because I was running more than the new model allowed and was grandfathered for that alone.


I tested it and I can create more than 2 virtual servers. But why? Because I had an old license? Strange…:smiley:

I thought I can only create 1 server… :frowning:

That’s not strange.
You have accepted the terms of service at the time you received the license.

Since TeamSpeak has the right to change or revoke any “contracts” you should be happy they never did.

The NPL model got changed within the years but the company was fair enough not to force these changes for existing licenses.
(if they would ever stay active)


I know that I could create 10 servers before. I thought it was changed globally but now I am happy that old users are treated fairly. I thought until today that I can only create one server because there was a change in the last years.

I hope the NPL license will remain active for everyone. Those who have an NPL are with TeamSpeak for so long, they deserve it.

TeamSpeak has changed a lot in the last years. Both from the online presence and from the licensing. I really hope that TeamSpeak does not forget about the gamer communities. That is a really important thing.

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With every start of your server binary the system checks your license and logs the process in the server0 logfile.

This log contains your license status as well as the amount of slots and servers you can use with it.

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