Question of identity

Hi everyone, I was logged in to android and windows devices. Then I stayed on the android device while I put linux mint on the desktop where the windows were. At the same time, when I logged in to team speak 3 and 5 via the linux system, I did not have identity synchronization on some of the servers, such as on android and windows. Since I later touched the identities and accidentally deleted the real (wrong) identity of the two I had, I’m interested in how I can regain that identity or I can’t regain it at all? Let me mention that I did not save it anywhere, that is, I exported it to some hard disk or ssd. I have already deleted it directly from my identity. Thank you in advance.

I don’t understand. What did you export to the ssd?

I deleted the identity via the teamspeak 3 client on linux. But I didn’t save it anywhere before deleting. Can I somehow restore that identity that I deleted by mistake? Thank you in advance.

unfortunately there is no way to do that :confused:

If you didn’t save anything before deleting you lost it.
If you have a device where there was the identity and you didn’t use that after deleting it I think you can open TS from that (without internet connection) and back it up to restore again

Thanks to everyone for the answers. Turns out I didn’t need to delete the identity right away until I checked which one was right for syncing, since I had two identities. All in all, I didn’t save / export it to a hard drive.

Ok, so if you didn’t save it there’s nothing to do, you permanently lost it.
I think I can say “lesson learned” :wink:

That’s right, you told me nicely, I lost it permanently :joy:.