Question Regarding Regarding TS3 Viewer

Hey guys, so question regarding viewing channels through a TS3 Viewer from a link.
Currently in my TeamSpeak panel there is option to see my TeamSpeak channels and whoever is on them through a link and I can Generate a viewer for a website and what not. My thing is how would I go about / what permissions do I need to change and etc to remove the ability to see the channels and people in them. I already asked the website to remove this option but they said they are unable to do that but they said “With permissions configured on your server, you can certainly restrict access to the TS Viewer.” but they haven’t responded back to me after that.

If anyone could help me I would be grateful.

Thank you.

you can create a new query login, or query group, in there u removed the rights.

is there a way to do it without query as i am not exactly sure how to do that. thanks

no, you have to provide ts3index with a querylogin so that it can access your server (as far as i can remember), for this you simply create a new client using identity, you then assign the new server group to it, take away the rights there & then create a new query login with the client, you then enter this login data at ts3index

TS3index doesn’t require a querylogin. Without query, a “normal” client connects on the server at certain periods of time to check the status of the registered server.

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It’s a query login doing the login from time to time. Their FAQ is full of the ServerQuery.