[Question][Theme/Plugin] Voice Channel users split

Hi there TS Community,

I’ve been participating for the last month every weekend in a gaming event, which requires TS for the main communication before using in-game communication.
These events go up to 100 players, avg 80 players which means that without using for example Overwolf Overlay you have to scroll fast enough to see who spoke.
The design as well leaves half of the TS client blank in fullscreen, which means it could easily be filled up by a second or even third column of Names, maybe even fun if we could have our own visual spacer for like naming a group into the different subgroups (client side).

So my questions are as next:

  1. Any current Theme or Plugin that split users?
  2. Custom modification of split after custom amount of names/users
  3. Custom Spacer to personally split users into subgroups visually (still able to hear whole channel)
  4. Option to mute mentioned Spacer subgroups separately
  5. Any technical possibilities to code this personally incase there isn’t such Theme/Plugin?

I’ve attempted to search for this, but I’m either not using the right keywords or there ain’t such records.