Questions about sponsorship license

Hello everybody,

I am looking for someone who can give me information, because the Teamspeak support is currently rebuilding their site and I have been waiting for an answer for 5 weeks: /

I am still the proud owner of an NPL license. Now they should expire at some point and no longer be renewed. My questions would be:

If I apply for a sponsorship license and it is rejected, will my NPL license be deleted?

If I get the sponsorship license, will it be tacitly renewed like the NPL license, or do I have to apply again?

Can the sponsorship license be refused if we use absolutely no social media channels? For us the website is enough :slight_smile:
User experiences with a sponsorship license welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for helpful answers :slight_smile:

No the team doesn’t interfere with your existing NPL.

Once you obtain a modern sponsorship, you don’t need to renew the license as long as the community/team is still advertising us. (Visible TeamSpeak logo’s, tagging us in posts etc).

This really depends on the content contained within the website. We do suggest adding social media for your community/team to help with exposure and to help people discover you.

Feel free to apply right here: Sponsorship | TeamSpeak once you fill out the form and submit the application, all you need to do is verify your email and then the team can review this for you.


Hi there,

Thank you for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

then I will do that and hope that our website can convince :slight_smile:


unfortunately no you will probably be refused I have already made several requests and I have been refused and I am not the only one, the only way to have a license at the moment its paid its damages puts its like that I have a friend to I have a Teamspeak server for this team R6 and it was refused when it has a website, twitter, Facebook.

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Remembet that sponsorship means you need to advertise your sponsor. If TS doesn’t give someone SL, it means that they probably don’t have any reason to do this, eg. don’t see your team as important as you are, which means they have nothing from sponsoring you.

It’s money after all…

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If you email them, they will tell you why you were denied and possibly how you can resolve it.


I learned that yesterday too. I was rejected :frowning:


How can I get a Sponsorship License ??

You can apply for a Sponsorship License here.