Random disconnects


i am getting disconnected from ts3 servers randomly , the client tries to reconnect several times and sometimes it takes up to 20+ times to reconnect , but if i simply close the app and re-open it i can rejoin the server, but the same issue occurs everytime at random times.
I tried re-installing it and i even reset my PC but nothing seemed to work, the issue is still there.

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there can be several reasons:

  • Your ping or packet loss to that server is to high.
  • Your firewall or security center does block the traffic to that server. Maybe your settings need to a change here?
  • Your router detects the traffic as spam or as an attack. Please check that there is nothing like this running.
  • You could try to disable such settings for testing or set your LAN Ip to DMZ ( Remove DMZ after testing!!! )
  • Maybe your W-Lan conenction is not that good? Try a Lan cable instead for testing.
  • The servers ping or packet loss is for your connection is to high.
  • The server does have more then 1 IP and the hoster did nothing yet, to bind one of his IP’s to his server.
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My connection to the server is fine, i have a 20 ping on the server and no package loss at all, i am already using lan cable.
Where can i see that my router detects it as spam ? Where can i check if my firewall blocks it ?

Edit: I forwarded these ports : 9887 ,30033, 10011.
Edit2: It took about 7 min to finally reconnect, but if i close the app and reopen and rejoin it works immediately


I have the exact same issue no matter the server
Stop reconnecting and manually connect 10~ seconds later works. Log show nothing unusual

no need to bump.
the other users reach the server ?
does it work for them properly?
if you see everything okay, network, firewall…etc can’t there be a problem with the server or hosting ?
can’t it be ddos? its sounds ddos to me.

I’ve got two computers running, Teamspeak works perfect no matter the versions on my main pc, the second computer I have two clients running. One with version 3.2.3 (because of PYtson) and one with the most recent 3.5.2. Both clients disconnect randomly within minutes from start, can take hours and sometimes even days but it wont reconnect by itself. I’ll try catch the error and post the log message here but it shows nothing interessting. Checking the serverlog gives nothing either

Just caught the client timeout so I got the log
Server is hosted on a virmach vps, but it doesnt matter what server I connect to, tried teamspeaks own server but same issue there

2020-05-03 17:34:07	SCHandler	Warning	Got command data while disconnected, dropping	
2020-05-03 17:34:07	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Disconnected	
2020-05-03 17:34:07	ClientUI	Info	Connection lost, want autoreconnect = 1	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	ClientUI	Info	Autoreconnecting	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	ClientUI	Info	Connect to server: ***	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	ClientUI	Info	Initiating connection: ***:9987	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	Windows Audio Session	Devel	DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - enter - DeviceDeleteList	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	Windows Audio Session	Devel	DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - leave - DeviceDeleteList	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	Windows Audio Session	Devel	DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - enter - DeviceDeleteList	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	Windows Audio Session	Devel	DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - leave - DeviceDeleteList	
2020-05-03 17:34:08	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Connecting	
2020-05-03 17:34:13	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Disconnected

I’ve changed DMZ to the other computer (the on that timed out) and it’s no longer timing out… However now my main pc started instead.

PC 1 - main pc (not dmz, currently no firewall) - timing out
PC 2 - server computer with teamspeak bot running (dmz) - not timing out

I was in a similar situation, and it turned out to be a server problem. Microcuts (I think the server had a bad anti-DDoS)

Issue is still live on my computer which is not dmz.

Teamspeak is allowed in firewall
Firewall is even disabled
Running w10, latest build & most recent teamspeak

Problem occurs on every server out there no matter which one I connect to.

Edit: Left home for a few hours and let the client try reconnecting itself, it didn’t
As soon as I stopped the reconnect loop and connected manually to the server I could connect only to disconnect 10 minutes later

Edit: I can successfully ping the server even tho I’m unable to reconnect to it

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Same here, need help, any advices?

Might be your router / firewall / security software blocking / limiting UDP traffic. Check your router (and other aforementioned suspects) for options related to flood protection / firewall / Ddos protection and disable them.

Works on one pc that is in the DMZ and the other pc gets dropped randomly. To me that would indicate that the outbound port that the pc was using was probably closed. Teamspeak uses random ports in a very high range for the outbound connection. Its possible that your router is just cutting that connection off. I am not sure if teamspeak ever negotiates a new port after its first connection, so it may be possible something else is hijacking your port and the reconnect is happening over the original port?..