Re-download Beta

I recently reinstalled my OS and my beta key doesn’t work anymore to download the beta?

if you got the test badge on your account the acces you to download the installer


It doesn’t work, it’s asks me for the beta code again.

login at myTeamSpeak
If the Testing badge is not present in the list you did not have beta access with this account previously. If you think there is an error open a support ticket.


hi everyone, i’m gonna change my pc so i was trying to find the link to download ts5 ut i can’t find it, could you help me?

You can get them on



after I logged in teamspeak website, i just noticed in my control panel that I have the “Test Badge”
I also noticed that i am able to access the the link of beta website and i can download the installer.

There are instructions about how to install it? for example, it can works togheter with my ts3 or i must uninstall it before to install the ts5?

THank you very much for kind help

TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5 are fully independent.
Installing TeamSpeak 5 wont affect TeamSpeak 3 at all.
You can sync all your data through myTeamSpeak though.

The badge is the key btw.

Hi, I recently reset my pc and lost my teamspeak 5 and when I was looking for my email with my beta code and so forth I could not find it, I must of accidently deleted it or something. Is there any way I can get it back?

Login at


thank u very much

Then your account has no access to the beta.
You have to wait till we spread new codes again or when an open beta starts.



Can someone give me the Teamspeak 5 Link? I cant find it in the forum.

I will test, if I am already a beta user.


If you have access then after the login you will see the download links.


I still have the version: 5.0.0-beta.24 , upaten. me da who help ?

Get the installer from