Record with Speakers Muted

Hello, I’m a tournament organizer and would like to record comms of teams. However, I can’t seem to find any bot for this purpose so I decided to use multiple tabs to record in each team’s channel.

The problem is, I need to keep speakers open on all tabs to be able to record, thus I can’t do anything else because my speakers are being spammed with 10+ players continuously communicating.

Is there any way I can mute my speakers and still be able to record?

In client? No. The server will no longer send you any voice packets when you are muted.

You could reduce the volume for the client in your operation system to archive that (untested).

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I have found a workaround. I have installed a virtual audio cable and opened two new tabs with playback devices set to that virtual device. This way, I won’t hear the player’s comms but virtual device is still recording their voices. There is one problem though, when I have to stop recording from 2nd tab, whole teamspeak client crashes.

I wish there was a bot to record comms instead, would have been much easier.

Don’t you think this feature should be included in the tournament edition? Organizers should be able to record team comms.

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