Recovery of my old myteamspeak account

lately i had my pc completely restarted, i had all settings set to default, removed all apps etc.
After i installed teamspeak again, i logged in and i noticed that im not logged in on the account i was before, i was trying to find what was my e-mail on which i had my account before but i didn’t. Is it posible to find my e-mail that my account was registered on? i have myteamspeak id: ATWyMBMPpG724qbFn7wm22hWZLRkbxlBPeLxLuK7KgYu, also while i was restarting i lost the file that i had my account recovery key saved on, so unfortunately i dont have it. I only want to know my e-mail because i know what was the passord. Hope anyone can help me here :v

If you log in into you mail account and search for mails from I think you should found the email adress you used :slight_smile:

If you found the email adress you can recover your password. Thats the way I would try to find on which email adress I created the account.

i’ve done that already but i tried again and i still dont know what e-mail was it

We can not help you on forum. You have to contact the support.
I’m not even sure if support can help you with only your Account ID. This case may fall under the GDPR and we could get in trouble when telling you the email assigned to this Account ID.

Tell them as much as you know

OR send a password reset to each email your remember (but do not finish it as long you know the old password!!! Else you need the recovery key)

Recovery key

When you do not have any backup of the recovery key, then all your synced data will be deleted from your account when you make your next password reset. Only you had the key.

You can create a new one in the client in case you could login again and did not reset your password.


If you are logged in with the account you want to have the email address from, you can also look into your profile right here in the forum. Your email address should be shown under “Preferences”.