Reduce tidal volume during communciation

I’d like to reduce my music (tidal) volume by 50-80% when someone on my channel is talking - is that possible? Tried the Windows->audio->reduce volume by 50% during communication, but it doesn’t work.

Edit your channel in “Audio Codec” from Opus Voice into Opus Music and your musicbot will produce music without any problems.

I’m not using a music bot on some channel, i have the Tidal application running in background.

Definitely try to edit the channel as I told you and try to see if it will work for you.
I had a problem a long time ago when I set the volume on musicbot to, for example, 20%, it automatically returned to 100%, but when I adjusted the channel in “Opus Music” it stays as you set it.
But if that doesn’t work for your problem, I don’t know how to help you.

No do not set music codes for channel where people are talking in! This is a terrible idea!

If windows does not work, then you require a plugin that does it for you.


I was sure for musicbots not for the clients …

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