Regarding the hosting of addons

Hi everyone, this is just a quick message to inform you that as of now we’re not currently accepting new addons for the TS3 client. We want to do this properly, but at the moment because all our attention is on the new TeamSpeak client, we can’t divert enough time to do it the way it needs to be done. Having said that, all existing approved addons and themes that are already uploaded to the myTeamSpeak website, can still be updated.

If anyone has new addons you can submit them on this forum like a couple of you have already done, we just will not be hosting and/or approving them at the present time.

We’re looking at a new way of hosting/displaying addons, but for now–as previously mentioned–the TeamSpeak client is the priority.

Many thanks


This announcement is a great first step (of many that will hopefully follow) into the direction of more transparency and clear communication. Thank you!

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