[RELEASE]Best german soundpack ever made

Hey ya kecks, I finished my soundpack in german, if you wanna download it, CLICK MEEEEEEE

Hope you like it, leave me feedback/update suggestions in the comments :wink:


Ok, let’s see.
I just listened to a few of these and love it!
I think there is a lot that could use some improvements.
Here’s what I found:

  • some clips end too soon and the ending is cut of
  • u really should use a pop filter or some digital filter for some of the ‘s’ sounds
  • I think it should be ‘Sprechkraft’ and not ‘Sprechpower’

But apart from this it’s pure gold!


Thanks for the compliments/criticism. I may release an update once I found more issues.


You can streamline the installation process by creating a package installer. This way the user only has to start the installer, instead of having to do everything manually.

Here you can find out how. Alternatively you could download this soundpack and see how it was done.


Should be done, can you try it? Download Link

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The structure of the installer was slightly off.

dat keck päck.ts3_soundpack
├ package.ini
├ settings.ini
└ sounds
  └ [sound files]

is incorrect.

dat keck päck.ts3_soundpack
├ package.ini
└ sound
  └ dat keck päck
    ├ [sound files]
    └ settings.ini

is correct.

The package.ini contained too much information as well.

I have taken the liberty to fix the installer. https://send.firefox.com/download/d47f177a8a782df8/#ptL7UrGA2-w5srozArp7tw


Thanks dude, I just did not understand it xd

It appears the best German soundpack ever made is not quite worthy of the “Made in Germany” label yet, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why souldn’t it be worth the label? I’ts actually made in germany xd