[RELEASE]Return to Last Channel W/ Anti-Move

Download Ver. 1.25
Last updated Jul 5th, 2019

Currently supports:

  • Windows 32 and 64 bit
  • API: 23

Install is simple:

  • Extract the required plugin file for you system to TeamSpeak’s plugin folder.
  • Best if used with a Hot key that is set to run the plugin command “/lastchannel lastchannel”

May need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C++ runtime if you get “Failed to open” error.
Can get them here: x86 (32bit); x64 (64bit)

This thread will be used for support and to announce any updated releases. Pre-releases are here.

Pre-release available: n/a

Thread history can be found here.


Oh, nice! Thank you!
When i go back to my PC, i install it :wink:

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This is a cool PlugIn. Thanks!

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