[RELEASE] TS3 British Policing Starter Pack

British Icon and sound pack

Are you looking for some different icons for your British teamspeak server, or want to spice up the airwaves with a few Sepura or Motorola noises, well this pack is intended for that purpose,

Over the past few years i’ve seen rather bland sets of TS icons and people all using the same ones, so I thought i’d throw some of my own into the mix to give a bit of a modern twist, so there are a set of MET ranks and county ranks including some training ranks etc, there are also three sets of Mic Clicks included, One for the Sepura radio, one for the Motorola and a generic american one if, installation guide is included within the file so no need to worry about fiddling around for ages working out what goes where, other than that I hope you enjoy and any issues don’t hesitate to get into contact with me.

Also please note that the sounds do not belong to me and links and credit to the original producers can be found in the “readme”, all in conjunction with fair usage

DOWNLOAD LINK https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-tHCqqE-MqcRp_8sHbhbgtH7wQ9gKeKM?usp=sharing

Many thanks,

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