Reload Server-Licence without need to restart

Hi There,

i would find it good if the server adds a reload (instead of a restart) statement to reload the currenct configuration including the licence file. Sometimes swapping the licence is necessary but the restart to enable it is kinda meh.


Well, everytime i extend the licence the system will generate a new one, or just a month ago, we switched towards semi-anual payment instead of anual.

A reload statement pretty much default for many software, webserver, mailserver, pretty much every daemon offers a reload.


As example… have you tried to upgrade your license? (e.g. from 256 to 512 slots)
Well that’s sadly not possible, because the hard coded server which is addicted to the accounting server will not directly load them for a big refresh.

Would you like to swap the license? Well this could not work with an directly refresh. The server needs to load everything from null and a reload will possibly not catch this pointless part.

To be honest; I guess that the development point has right now other priorities.

But your idea isn’t really bad, could be useful for some reasons overall.