Remove all client server groups server query

Is it possible to remove all of the server groups from a client via server query?

You can remove servergroups from a client by using the command servergroupdelclient sgid={groupID} cldbid={clientDBID} via Telnet. Therfore you need to do it for every server group.
If it’s an client, who won‘t connect anymore, it’s more easier to remove the whole client from the database. After a new connection, all permissions, groups and other stats are removed.

Ok, so basically I have a Discord bot command that is supposed to remove their server groups which will prevent them from connecting to the teamspeak anymore. So just removing them from the database will do exactly that?

Command clientdbdelete cldbid=x will delete the whole user from you server and next time he connects he is a complete new one for the server.

Deleting a user does not prevent him from connecting.
Only if server has a password the user doesn’t know or when he is banned prevents him from connecting.


Ok thanks. What will prevent him from connecting is not having his server groups so I just needed a way to remove those, Thanks