Remove Unique UUID identifiers

Hello dear colleagues, developers. When working with Teamspeak 5, betta noticed that when logging into any server, you can see the unique identifier of each participant (administrator, root). I think that the output of such information is unsafe for the server. I have a server connected to a site, and server groups are assigned to a participant based on his unique ID. I suggest removing this element from the teamspeak 5 client. Thanks!

I am against removing this. Reading the unique ID has no effect on server security. You can get the unique ID not only from the client info at TS5, but in many other ways.

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Yes, I can get it in different ways, but now I can go to any server and see any participant and his identifier without any rights!!! And just replace it and use it for your own BAD PURPOSES. Already checked! My job is to warn and suggest. I do not propose to remove it entirely, but to limit visibility for everyone (I suggest adding such a function to the server part!)

There is currently no known way to spoof UUIDs as they are part of your cryptographic identity.