Removing a Client from server groups all at once

So in regards to server groups is there a way I can remove server groups from a client all at once or do I have to take each server group off them individually?

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You can select multiple people in the server group list. (As far as i know)

He’s not asking for multiple people but for multiple permissions.
You can always do it by serverquery or by the set server group box on the client where you can tick/untick all the permissions you want if the client is online.
If the client is offline you can do it by the server groups page (where you modify them) and remove it from the lists on the right, there you can search but not remove from many all at a time.
Another alternative is yatqa (so serverquery)

So I know how to remove clients from server groups, 1 server group at a time however is there is a way to remove all server groups from 1 client all at once, isn’t there a command. I swear I’ve seen someone do it before… the message was something like !removeservergroups [UNIQUE ID] or something, idk

Example to help: I have a client in my TS (offline), this client has 15 tags (many other people have these tags as well), I need the one person removed from all their tags at once becasue they’re banned or whatever, isn’t there a command I can chuck in rather than going through 100+ server groups and trying to find the client I need removed.

Not sure if this is what you are searching for but when you list all Clients:
You can open the list of all Clients and delete the Client from the Server:

It will remove all Client Permissions, Server Groups, etc. so it looks like the Client was never on your Server!



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Sorry for the delayed reply, no this is not what I am looking for, I do this currently but I appreicate the help :slight_smile: I’ve made a new topic with more details on the issue I have.

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