Report | Selling Rank without the right license!

This TeamSpeak is gaining money, through selling a Teamspeak Rank called “Donator”, without the correct License. They have a non-profit-license. The IP is “”. Please go take it down or do something about it!


We cannot handle this in the public forums.
Please move ahead to and submit a request.
Note: Please make sure to chose “Piracy” as request type.

This is basically the only way to report an abusing server.


I mean it’s not really piracy but rather a contract violation. So maybe Sales and Licensing would be the better one? In the end it won’t matter they will review it.


Usually we used everytime “piracy” for license abuses like that.
“Sales and Licensing” is way more for license owners - e.g. for renewing an annual activation license, or upgrading them…

And I’ve checked the server so far, and yes - there’s an Donator rank available.
But I don’t see any donation buttons, so it could be possible that the donations doesn’t go through the teamspeak server directly.

But if you really want to do it, then report them & lets see


As you can see (and could read in the terms you accepted…)!
[…] not permitted […] Donations

So if the TeamSpeak is fully related to your public profile as a streamer I think this is indeed a violation.


If I remember correct then you are allowed with a commercial licence but not with a non commercial licence. But I don’t know if it changed.

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Hi again,

the only thing I can recommend right now to the donation server group is to edit or delete it.
as far I see there are no donation buttons integrated to the server, so there’s a way to save yourself…

good luck…