Requirements For Licensing TeamSpeak. (Online Streaming)

Just a quick question: I stream and want to use a TeamSpeak server, hosted by me, to communicate with other people that I am streaming with. Do I require a license for this? Even if I receive donations and tips? There was another article that was similar but didn’t give a very specific answer. Thanks in advance.

As long the license is non-commerical (Non-Profit-License/Sponsorship) then you’re not allowed to collect donations on your teamspeak (e.g. donation buttons.)

You can acquire a “Gamer License” «Annual Activation License» if you want to have more slots and virtual servers. And you will also be allowed to collect donations. [see the price-list here]

or here...

Oh, and there you go… — You don’t need to purchase a license if you want to open a public/community server. Even if you receive donations and tips, it would be no problem without a license. :slight_smile:

But only when your server is activated with an Non-Profit-License or Sponsorship-License, then donations are kinda forbidden.

I guess that you will have no problems with that system. ^^

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