Reset TS3

Hi, if I reinstall TS3, and then reinstall it, the same settings are there again, so I want to ask how all the folders or something are reset so that everything is as normal.

if you want to “reinstall” only one server, just go to Query and stop server and then delete if, otherwise if you want to reinstall whole teamspeak, then just remove all server files, download new ones, and start ts3 again (ps. if you want to save channel permissions etc, save the ts3server.sqlitedb file :slight_smile:

You did probably activate the myTeamSpeak sync feature.
It can be disabled in your client options heading to Tools > Options > myTeamSpeak.

If you wanna get rid of all related files on your system, go and remove the app cache.
It’s located in the folder TS3Client in your Windows %appdata% directory.
(remove the whole folder)

This will also remove your TeamSpeak settings and leads you to a fresh new installed client after.

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