[✅ RESOLVED!] Can't see online players on other channels

Hello! I can’t see online players on other channels. Please help me! Also, I’m not the server owner/server admin or anything like that, I’m just a player there but I know about “subscribe to channel” when I do that, I get an error, it says: “insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_max_channel_subscriptions)” Oh yeah, I tried it on other servers, same error, and can’t see online players on other channels, so please help.

If you get this error on any channel on that server then maybe, just maybe, server owner set up so that no one is able to see other people on server.

Were you able to do this in the past?
If yes, contact server owner. It would be good to do this.

It’s not a bug, but it would be good to see on other server if you can see other people (to check if you’re subscribed to all channels, which is that comic cloud icon). If on other server you do not see anyone, check if this icon is showing a stylized eye and if not, click on it. If it is, it just means that server owner disabled viewing other people.

But, when I was on I was seeing and It’s on, but when I joined TS Public, and joined the Default Channel then I didn’t see others on other channels.

Nevermind it was true! Thanks :3