Restoring Backup Settings

Hey, used to be a long time user of Teamspeak but over the last few years I’ve mainly used Discord. However, I still have my old %appdata%\TS3 Client\ and %localappdata%\Teamspeak 3 Client\ folders. Previously, I believe I was able to just drag these folders to the new PC and then update and all is well. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore though so I’m looking for a way to get it done. Appreciate any help, thanks.

The client saves everything under %APPDATA%\TS3Client
Most important file in there is settings.db
Copy everything in that folder just the settings.db and you should be fine.

Hmmm, thats what I did but it didn’t work. Teamspeak run’s as normal just not with the previous user settings.

Normally the Client Informations are stored in the settings.db but what do you want to restore?

There’s several settings.db files in my TS3 Client, the main one along with settings_(6,7,8,9).db I would like to recover as much as possible. Things such as bookmarks, settings, themes, etc…

there are several settings.db in your files? can you post a screenshot

and you copied the first one right?

Yea, I got the settings cleared up. Im still looking to recover old bookmarks and my theme though. All of the settings files are part of 1 folder. They settings files don’t seem to be conflicting with each other.

what if you copy all of the db files in the other folder

The same thing happens when the main settings.db, all of the .db’s, or NONE of the db’s are in the TS3Client folder.

I realized the reason my settings were fixed is because of myTeamSpeak. I don’t believe any of the TS3Client folder is having an affect on TS.

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