Revision of the server chat


thanks a lot for this new platform. I find it quite clear and well designed.

I find the server chat still much too confusing and not detailed enough.

My suggestions:

  • make user clickable
  • no message is sent for user-defined exit messages
  • You only have a certain limit of events in the server log. At large servers there are difficulties to retrace past events. In TS3 the history was much longer available.
  • make the events copyable, so you can use copy/paste

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


I really like those ideas! So let me add mine.

  • a search function
  • the ability to star / bookmark messages (eg like WhatsApp)
  • make messages in group chats pinnable for everyone (either like Discord or like Telegram)

While I agree with this keep in mind that those are just server events not the server log.
In my opinion they could add events prior to your connection (usually to be found in the server log) to the event history when the user has the permissions to view the log while making a clear distinction between events that occurred since you are connected and earlier ones.


Oh, that’s really a function I would very much welcome too. Thanks for the addendum!

What’s the point if the bookmarked message disappears anyway? Maybe it makes more sense to pin a message on the top.

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I have more and my suggestions:

  • No sounds in TS3 by new messages
  • Default Guest-Group can write in the server chat

Thank you


All of the above are good suggestions, though it may be more appriopriate to wait and see the roadmap before we comment? I’m sure this topic has been causing sleepless nights to someone in the dev and design teams so they might have already thought of a solution :wink:

if they want to keep up with discord that is.


You can change that for yourself in the permissions management. I think server chat should only be accessible for admins by default.