Right click suddenly stopped working

Hello, exactly as in title. I am running the latest beta 67 as of now, and in some areas (i.e. some users, some channels) the right click has suddenly stopped working, and nothing happens if you click it.

Any ideas?

Looks fine here for me.
You got an example for “some” ?


For example i clicked on SinusBot users, and some channels below mine and nothing was happening.
With users in my room it was working. Disconnected, reopened TeamSpeak and still wasn’t working.

Now I rebooted my PC and can’t reproduce, maybe it was something else interfering?

Connection Info is known.
Context menus work for me.
I guess any bug reports on this server can not be seen as valid, as TeaSpeak is not a product developed by or intended to work with TeamSpeak.

hey thanks for replay :slight_smile:
yeah but in ts3 there is no problem like this on this server so im pretty sure this is a client bug and i just checked on a teamspeak server and i saw the same behavior

I am having the same issue. Updated to the new Beta client and now I can’t right-click on any users whatsoever to adjust volumes individually. Emailed TS and they sent me to the forums, but it looks like there has been no actual solutions for this given yet. Old TS3 client still works though…

TS3 Servercode: Docker 3.17.7
TS5 Clientcode: 5.0.0beta72
OS: Win 11 V22H2 Build 22621.1344

Sure long Time ago, but i encountered the same issue.
I was curious about how to kick clients from my teamspeak 3 server. I am using the TS5 Update 5.0.0-beta72.
Normally, you have to use right click and than do stuff. But if i am connected to my own ts3 server (Docker - 3.13.7 - Linux), I dont even have the option to right-click on any users, even myself. Channels are working fine, but not users.
If i am connected to another server (like official teamspeak beta test server) additionally, than i got the menu! So let me get this ordered:

  • Connected to own server 3.13.7 alone
    – no right click :cry:

  • Connected to official TS5 Server alone
    – right click available :heart_eyes:

  • Connected to own server 3.13.7 first, connected to official ts5 server second
    – right click available. :heart_eyes:

It’s kinda strange. Any info or idea?


  • Connected to own server 3.13.7 first, connected to official ts5 server second
    – right click available. :heart_eyes:
    – Disconnect official ts5 server :thinking:
    — right click no more available again :confused: :thinking: :cry::cry:


Windows 11

We are aware that the context menu on users won’t open in rare cases.

This happens when our services are down (which is currently not the case) or when Your TS5 Client has problems to reach our services.

We have this on our list but would need lot of changes.


I troubleshooted with a guy named cornelius and he helped me a lot after he told me your explanation in voice.

Indeed, the service was not available, but not on your end, it was on my Fortigate Firewall, which has some security features enabled (normally only monitoring, but hey…)
Features enabled:

  • Web filter: monitoring
  • IPS: default (kind blocking something i guess?)
  • Application Control: monitoring
  • Antivirus: monitoring
  • Certificate check: dont interact, just accept everything
    After i disabled all sec features it worked.

I thought about some kind of event-listener which throws a maybe unhandled exception, as you can search a client on “server”, if you cannot connect to the internet (or your servers). It’s just a guess, I’m more a scripter than a programmer, and far far far away of knowing the code (which i dont wanna know if I’m serious :D)
Maybe it is good to pinpoint this (your solution/explanation) somewhere, because as i can see in this thread, there were some people with this problem.

P.S.: Dont ask me, why it was working after i connected to another server. i dont know…

I can only see that my firewall blocked the the URL: tschat-resolver.teamspeak.com tcp/8008 with “no matching session” as well as “redirect mismatch, drop” - Belgium IP-Address.
I’ll get into this and keep you postet.
Got a Homebase now, [email protected]… if you want me to troubleshoot this further :slight_smile:

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