Right clicking in TS5 needs a connection to myTS services

The title may sound like a joke for a developer who has not used TS5 yet, but in ts5 you can not right-click even in your self-hosted server if you are not connected to the teamspeak servers.
I know TS5 is abandoned right now but at least these simple UX/UI stuff should be considered as a hotfix update.

When you plan to right click anything related on any server, then you must be connected to it.
How else do you expect to click on something that is not loaded or has no target :thinking:

Just to be clear right click works on any available objective as long it was loaded and has a valid target.
No matter if it was on a server or chat or contact or search bar.

Nothing needs a hot fix when you try to click on something that is not there. A server you are not connected is only a bookmark stored in your account.

TS5 is not abandoned. Why ever you write “you know”. You don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


I think what he is talking about is the fact that the context menu on servers will not show when you can’t connect to the myTS service.

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Maybe but I don’t read any of this in the post.
Let’s wait for a reply.

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I think I didn’t explain it well. What I meant is that, for example, I can’t right-click on somebody’s name if I’m not able to connect to your servers for any reason. Let me be clear here, even tho it might end not very well for me. I’m from Iran, so basically my IP is banned from accessing a lot of resources and servers, which Teamspeak is one of them (it can be your CDNs too). I’ve a rented teamspeak server and I can connect to the server without a single problem, but I can not use some of the functions (which right-clicking is one of them) without using a VPN. It’s so obvious that I’ve to be connected to something belongs to the original teamspeak to be able to use those functions. I hope that made it clear.
PS: for the safety of my account I’m not from Iran, I’m just expressing someone’s problem from their behalf

Ok so we are talking about you can not reach our myTS service at some point and can not do a right click on users.

This is intended at the moment because the client tries to find the related chat information from user.
It can not get them and won’t open.

This can’t stay like that. Reported it (and other related things) several time but i can’t tell when this will be changed.


Ok thank you I think I got the answer for my question