Roadmap & Trello

Hey, is the TS5 Trello no longer being maintained/updated?

Last update documented was beta.25 almost a full year ago, so it would be nice to have a centralised and up to date place to see what’s in the pipeline.

Thanks :slight_smile: .

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The Trello bord is currently outdated and is also for information purposes only.
The information on Trello is without warranty.

News will always be announced in the forum and on the social media platforms (mainly Twitter, Facebook).



TeamSpeak 5 is not dead. The Roadmap will not updated anymore


We decided not to use and maintain Trello.

Also we are currently not giving out a road map any longer during the beta stage. This may change while we are in Open beta stage.



im enjoying the new teamspeak and im using it for a long time now. I dont want to use older versions like 3.5.X for several reasons. I dont like them so much. The last good version was 3.3.2. I just cant work with any version above 3.3.2

Whatever im using the new Teamspeak for several months now and its complains there. But im curious when they implement the file manager for channels. I need that and dont want to download a old 3.3.2 version from a third-party website that i cant trust. Is there a timeline or a list of ToDo’s or with ETA’s for features and future plans and what we can expect from the new Teamspeak development in the future ? I saw a big timeline of ToDo’s and what we can expect for the future a long time ago but i have no idea where i can find it again. Thanks in advance for any info :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to download v3.3.2 from official source, you’ll find it here. Just choose correct version and download.

Thank you was looking for a source i can trust

the roadmap on Trello becomes unavailable to access

Have a look here


Thank you