Robot voice after game start /cut out voice

Hey guys,

since the update 5.0.0-beta33 (or maybe beta32?)
I have a weird robotic and cut out voice after starting a game. (It works fine while not having a game open, also over a period of time (3h+))

If I close the game and restart ts5 it’s gone. (While not restarting ts5 is stays like that)
I also tried opening a game, start ts5 but the behavior remains after like 10sec talking.

So I tested teamspeak3, same problem, found out that my Capture Mode was in automatic and somehow after starting a game, it changes to Windows Audio Session, after changing it to Direct Sound the issue is gone. With that knowledge I started ts5 but I couldn’t find the option? Is there any way to use Direct Sound over Windows Audio Session?

I also used different mics… Why is Windows Audio Session that “good”?
Greetings Promises

Robotic voices which sound like they are being digitally distorted usually indicate a problem with the connection quality.

Check the connection quality indicator in the lower right corner which looks like a WiFi symbol. If it turns yellow or red while people are talking, your connection to the server is bad and voice data is lost during transfer.

In that case, the problem may be located anywhere between your computer and the TeamSpeak server on the other end. Possible explanations include:

  • insufficient Internet bandwidth
  • weak or overloaded WiFi connection
  • bad routing between Internet Service Provider and TeamSpeak server host
  • TeamSpeak server geographically too far away

In some cases, the problem could also be caused by bad audio hardware or drivers.

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I identified the problem. It’s the Voice Mode.
No issue with internet connectivity etc.
Was able to fix it in ts3 not in ts5 tho as I described above.

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