Robot voice / ts3 problem

So my problem starts with launching the game.
People on ts3 stop hearing me/hear selected words.
The problem disappears when minimizing the game.

  1. I changed priorities in the manager
  2. The application is always launched as administrator.
  3. I have a symmetric 500/500 internet connection, very low ping in games, so it’s not an internet issue.
  4. The problem started after switching to windows 11.
  5. Earlier on windows 10 it also happened, but running the application as administrator completely helped.
  6. Current drivers, reinstalled hundreds of times.

Anyone got any ideas?
I will add that I have installed the Killer Intelligence Center to manually prioritize ts3 so that it has full freedom in the use of the link and priority. It doesn’t give anything, without the killer the situation is the same.

I would like to add that the server I have bought works really well - the ping it shows is in the range of 40ms and 0 loss

From description I would say that your audio device does not get enough power or has problems with driver while game is running.

You may use another USB slot in case you use an USB Headset and update your drivers.

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