Room that nobody can see only some people with powers

I was wondering what is the name of the permission or what permission to hide this room and only those who have value see it and can enter

You can only edit the subscription power of the channel and the server groups so people can’t see who is in the channel.

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Yeah, the best you can do is like a blank spacer room at the very top of the server with high needed subscription and description wiew powers (obviously join power too).
People most likely won’t notice it and doesn’t know that’s an actual room thinking it’s a normal spacer!
Or you can do the same with any exiating spacer in the middle of the server, too!

This is what I want, can you tell me the name of this permission for me to put on the channel and what value?

You need to make sure the clients have i_client_max_channel_subscriptions so they are able to subscribe to some channels. On my sever they have the value of -1.

Then you need to change the client subscription power so the client can see into the channel i_channel_subscribe_power this value needs to be equal with the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power that you need to set in the channel. (If you want to edit the channel subscription power you need to right click the channel go to edit and under permissions you can adjust the value of the subscription power)

You can use different values for different groups.

I put everything but even so people can see who’s in the room and where the room is, I just want to take that power away from them see who’s in the room and where she is

I want it to look like this when I enter and whoever is not in charge of server admin does not see this room:

I want people who are outside to see this way here:

The people who are not allowed to look into the room need a lower permission as the room has.

You cannot hide the room you can only hide the people inside.

If they are in a room it will automaticly show all people inside this room -> You cannot hide people in your room

Explain to me right that I didn’t understand, what permission do I need for a position so he doesn’t see the room and what permission do I need for the room? example:

Room: i_channel …

Position: i_permission …

I know there is a permission that I can hide who is inside the room, only that I lost that permission

I already explained it up here? The group needs i_channel_subscribe_power and the permission for the channel you can edit it in the permission window while you edit the channel

You mean i_channel_description_view_power? This the permission you need to view a description of a channel