RP Soundboard Volume Question


im using the RP Soundboard for about 2 days now and for me the sounds are very quiet .
but everyone else on the other side are hearing the sounds on a normal volume.
is there a option to fix this ? so i can hear the sounds too?
i couldnt find a solution yet in this forum.

I don’t think this is the fault of the addon, it works flawlessly for me and my friends.
So far, I have not seen anyone complain about such an error.
I think there is a chance that your headset may have something wrong or some setting on your machine.

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thanks for the answer, ive been playing a bit arround right now with the TS3 options but i couldnt find a way yet…weird

wait , the Volume Slide on the Soundboard Settings, ist that the Volume for me or for the other guys in the TS?

To all of you :smiley:

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