SANTA22 badge not showing in account after redeeming it


just a quick heads up regarding the twitter announcement:

The SANTA22 badge activates but doesn’t show on the account page (myTeamSpeak) currently.
The number of badges also didn’t increase for me after redemption.
Trying to redeem it again gets you a “You already redeemed this badge.” message.

On teamspeak 3 it can be redeemed and shows directly.

On teamspeak 5 it only shows after a client restart.

It still doesn’t show on my badge list though.

I also got multiple reports from other users having the same results.
There’s also reports on the tweet itself - but it was only advised to restart the client which works for the client if it’s TS3/5 but it’s not activating on myTeamSpeak itself.

In fact trying to redeem it on TS5 again cleared my bades and said “There are no badges on this account”.


I also have the same problem with the badge not showing.

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I had no problems (note I got the badge code in the forum), then I took down ts5-b72 and then bring it back up and then went to setting to the badge spot and move it up.

but on the logon to team speak, it doesn’t show up : myTeamSpeak

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Tried most things but still can’t get the badge

I can’t redeem the xmas badge with its code. It says I already have the badge but it’s not in the badges list in
I can redeem the new year’s badge tho.
I tried redeeming the xmas badge a few days ago and again today, but it doesn’t work to me

Probably the same thing as with a badge earlier. IT might not have enabled the badge to show up on the myTeamSpeak site, but it should be showing up in your client.

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Yeah, you’re right, ty. I just checked and it now appeared in the TS5 client. Very weird btw

It got fixed on the website.

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