Scaling of the space between the individual server channels in relation to the "Display Size"


I have noticed that the ratio between channel width and “width of free space” between the channels changes if you change the “Display Size” under “Apperance”.

This has the consequence that images that are displayed over several channel banners are distorted (depending on the “Display Size” used to create them).

Personally, I can’t really imagine what TeamSpeak wants to achieve with the channel banners more than displaying images across multiple channels in the server tree (apart from a real banner in the channel which would look weird in the server tree -_- . In my opinion, this should be split into two separate banners.) as they are simply too narrow to display single images.

Isn’t it possible to adjust the settings so that the ratio is the same no matter what “Display Size” you choose?



It should also be mentioned that depending on the indention of the channel, e.g. in the case of a subchannel, the banners are also indented. Removing a few pixels at the beginning of the banner would be better than just moving it to the right, as it would have the same compression ratio and position as an un-indented channel and thus make it possible to display an image over several channel levels (without eternal reworking and trial and error).