Can somebody help me and say why the channel section is so tiny scaled and how to fix that

Move the mouse over the strap. and CTRL + Mouse scroll

i want the complete teamspeak stuff bigger not the big stuff smaller

It usually helps tremendously if you explain what exactly you want from the very start. :wink:

Any way, scaling the server view is not as straightforward as scaling the chat or the info frame. In order to do that you have to open the main (.qss) file of whatever skin you are using with a text editor, copy and paste the following section into the file, change the settings to you wishes and save the edit.

#ServerTreeView {
	font: 42px 'Comic Sans MS';

how i get to the main .qss?


is it possible to make everything bigger?
this would be great

Am I correct in my assumption that this request stems from an impaired eyesight? If it does, what exactly are your parameters (eg: font size, icon size, etc)?

The size of the channel names is good now. but the other stuff is still tiny, and the theme is not the problem .its also on the normal teamspeak theme. Screenshot by Lightshot i want this stuff also bigger

Well I guess this is about TeamSpeak blatenly ignoring system scaling.
You could decrease both system resolution and scaling but this is neither a good solution not how it should be…