Scarlett Solo (DAI) Second Channel Recording [SOLVED]

Hello, I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I can’t record my Voice on the second channel (Right Input).
In TS3 the client can capture it, but not the actuall TS5 Beta. Is there any way to capture it?

Why i use the Line Input (second channel)? I got a MGP16x for mixing my Streamsound and splitt the Voice on Subgroup 3-4 for the gaming pc with ts.


I recently had Problems with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 when i used “Dual Channel” Mode. It was then only transmitting the voice to one ear. It works fine since i am using the “Single Channel” Option!

I also want to mention that this wasn´t always the case

Gonna test it in TS5 Beta when getting access.

Hi DigitEgal, in the Scarlett Solo you cant select “Dual Channel” Mode. So i cant change the mode. So only way for me to solve this is… to buy the 2i2 or so. That i can put my LineOut Signal on the LineIn of the left channel.
Offtopic: Discord also have the problem right now. So yeah… an unusal config that i can fix with money LUL

But its ok… what should i do ^^

What Generation of Scarlett Solo you got?
The serial number of your Scarlett will be found on the underside, either on a sticker or etched on the casing. The prefix of your serial number will denote which generation Scarlett you own:

  • Original Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6 = ‘U’…
  • Scarlett 1st Gen = ‘S’… or ‘T’…
  • Scarlett 2nd Gen = ‘V’… or ‘W’…

Scarlett 3rd Gen serial numbers are a little different. Each model has a different prefix as shown below:

  • Y7…
  • Y8…
  • D8…
  • F8…
  • F9…
  • P9…
  • P7…
  • P5…

I got the Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)
Version: Firmware: 1605 Driver: 4.65.5
Serial: Y7…

Whould be a greate thing if we can change the mode :slight_smile:

AAAAH we found the issue!

With Gen 3 u have to use the new drivers named “Focusrite Control

The driver you have used is only the Windows USB Driver

Try to install the new 3.6 driver.
This will also check your Scarlett for Firmware Updates.

Good Luck

Ahh… the file is an *.dmg… so its for Mac… not for Windows :smiley: and i have a Windows System. Is there also a new driver?

It is available for Windows and Mac

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image This is what i got for my Scarlett Solo for Donwloads. Nothing more.

And that is exactly what you need according to @DigitEgal. Focusrite Control 3.6.0 - Windows

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Since u posted that you are on Driver 4.65.5 wich is just the Windows USB Driver
For full functionality you need to install the right software on top of that.
So normally you dont even need to deinstall the 4.65.5 - however the Focusrite Control 3.6.0 will also check for usb-drivers and firmware updates - so u cannot do anything wrong here.
I hope you get it fixed now :slight_smile:

Its a little strange because the “OLD” driver has a higher Number.
Thats because its the Windows USB Driver (Windows downloads that with windows update service)
This USB-Driver is used in most Products of Focusrite now, but u need to install the right Software on top of this to get full functionality of the Products.
You see the reason why, and also the drivers you need for each Product in this dev-post:

We recently released our latest Windows USB driver (version 4.63.23) which supports the following devices:

  • Clarett USB Range
    - 3rd Generation Scarlett Range (Range = all devices of Scarlett 3rd Gen)
  • 2nd Generation Scarlett Range
  • 1st Generation Scarlett Range
  • iTrack Solo
  • Saffire 6 USB 2.0

You can install the latest driver by selecting your product in the Downloads section of our website, then installing either Focusrite Control (2nd Gen Scarlett 6i6, 18i8 and 18i20, 3rd Gen Scarlett Range, Clarett USB Range), Scarlett Mix Control (1st Gen Scarlett 6i6, 8i6, 18i6, 18i8 and 18i20) or the standalone driver installer (1st and 2nd Gen Scarlett Solo, 2i2 and 2i4, iTrack Solo, Saffire 6 USB 2.0).

Status after Windows reinstallation

I Installed only the Focusrite Control (like before) and got this.
And now?

I cant find in the App no option to set the Analouge 2 as left input. So that TS can capture my voice.

Edit 2 (incl. solution):
Hey guys… you need to install this tool EqualizerAPO64 (
With this you can copy the voice from the right channel to the left channel. Problem solved with external additional software.

But it would be nice that ts can also capture the right channel.

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