hi! guys can you help me please i open new server from teamspeak 5 in 2020\1\23 and im server owner and i can’t put avatar can you fix this please cuz everyday i lost member cuz this is really big problem
teamspeak 3 can’t put and teamspeak 5 the same problem fix it pls …

In the new TeamSpeak servers (the free ones from the beta), nobody is allowed to set an avatar in any server.

PS: How do you lose members from a server that has only 10 slots and it’s not sponsored, non-profit etc. I mean what’s the point anyway?

i lost my friend is this mean now ? :slightly_smiling_face::broken_heart:

To be honest, no! A “set avatar” option doesn’t make you lose or make a friend. It’s just a server. (But it’s something that doesn’t need discussion i guess.)

You can open a support ticket at but i doubt that this option will get changed.

i send and im waiting