Search Dialog: Highlight results and show original room

Highlight content

It is hard to see where the content is in a message. So I would prefer to have a highlight on the exact term that has been found.

Adding context to each message

The global search needs context added to it to know from where chat the message came from and maybe the one before and after that.


  • Highlighting is nothing we will do.

It would make sense when search works like in a text editor or web browser where all results are found but not filtered at all.

But in a filter only messages shown have the word/character that was searched and other messages are not shown at all.

  • We won’t add the room into context menu.

This is way to hidden.
Better would be to show the room name behind the timestamp.



I was not referring to a context menu. It should show the room where the message has been sent maybe over the message similar as you demonstrated. With context I meant that it should show two other messages the one that has been set before and the one after the found message.


Ok, but now I sent you a two-page rant about all the bugs nice new features in the latest release and you want to find a specific one to create a ticket from that. Well, it’s good that you found the two-page-long message but wouldn’t it be even better if you would also find where in the message I talked about this specific problem?
All in all, please gib highlight :pleading_face:.

  1. You never would do that.
  2. revide had a similar argument.
  3. Highlight matching words Is now a ticket.

b73-rc3 > Room names are shown in detailed chat.

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