Search tree function

On the TS3 client you can hit “Ctrl+F” after clicking on the channel tree to search for a channel name or a member’s name.

I would really like this feature to be in the new client so I can easily search to see if the person is connected to the TS server.


i think if i type the client / room name in the search box and the client highlight it is still fine

The only searchbox I see is at the top left and you can use it to find a server or add someone, does not allow you to search for names of users / rooms in the server tree

but they can still do it either way :smiley:

How can you search for users in the server you are currently in by typing in their name with the new TeamSpeak client? When I type in someone’s name who is in the server the search bar at the top left does not search the people in the server. So what are you doing that I am not?

When I type the name “bryan” in the search bar it does not search the server for anyone with the name bryan, this is want I am want and the point of this suggestion that you are saying is possible with the new client. Please explain to me how this is possible.

In the normal TS3 client (so not the new one) if you hit “Ctrl+F” it opens a search bar to search the channel tree for names of people in the server / channel names. If you hit the next button it will show the next person / channel that has the letters in their name. This feature is not in the new client right now from my understanding.

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You can´t search in the tree yet. Feature isn´t available.

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