Security level can no longer be changed via telnet

Hello, everyone,

After a small server crash a few days ago, the security level of my server can no longer be changed via telnet.

I run the following steps via telnet:

login serveradmin mypassword
use 1
serveredit virtualserver_needed_identity_security_level=12

it doesn’t show me an error message, but acknowledges it quite normally (I’m not doing this for the first time). nevertheless, the security level is still at 8. My current solution is that I change the whole thing with Yatqa. But it shouldn’t be a permanent solution.

What else can I do?

What for a Server Version is running?

My Serverversion is 3.13.6 :slight_smile:
Although I’m pretty sure that I’ve done it more often with this version

Sorry for the late replay. I will try to reproduce your Problem when i am back at home. :slight_smile:

Ok :wink: thx

Works just fine here. Maybe your server database broke?


Can confirm this. Works for me too on the latest Server Version. :slight_smile:

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Hello Chris, Rikku,

it shows me everything, but the level stays at 8. Is it because I’m still using client version 3.5.6?

If it should be the database (SQLITE) how can I fix it without completely rebuilding the server? I wouldn’t want that at all :confused:

Otherwise everything works without problems

Have you any errors in your server log?

no, have not

If you’re facing SQLite database corruption and you to repair SQLite database, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First of all, open DB Browser for SQLite on your system.

Step 2: Now you need to run database check command. For that, click Execute SQL tab.

Step 3: Type PRAGMA integrity_check and click play button. If SQLite database is corrupt, you would see some errors there. But if your SQLite database is fine, you would see, “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check (took 0ms)”.

Step 4: If you face any error in the database, you can export the database into SQL file. For that, click File tab on top > Export > Database to SQL file…

Step 5: Now select the objects you want to export on Export SQL… dialog box. Also, define other options as well.

Step 6: Then click OK to start the exporting process.

Once the database is successfully exported, you need to import the database back to SQLite browser. How?

Step 7: Click File tab on top > Import > Database from SQL file…

This action will repair SQLite database, and then you can easily open it.

Hello Rikku,

I thank you for the information. I’ll have to tinker with the TS tomorrow anyway, so I can try that right away. If I don’t forget, you will of course get a reply from me.

First of all, many thanks to you and Chris :slight_smile:

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Hold your horses!
Before you do things with your database (nothing we support at all!!!)

Are you sure this doesn’t work or that the connection isn’t justblocked and the command never reached the server?

YatQa also uses the ServerQuery interface. The same thing you use in Telnet.


That’s exactly what I don’t understand. I haven’t changed anything on the server. This can be set up via Yatqa without any problems. If I do that with Putty via Telnet I get the same message back (error id=0 msg=ok)

Then I sign off as normal with logout and quit. So I don’t understand why this doesn’t work.

This error id 0 is just for “Everything is OK”

So the edit should’ve worked.


Yes, I don’t want to say anything, but nobody looked that closely :confused:

It works for me now too: The problem is that I entered idendity_level and not identity_level. Incidentally, I dared to try to enter serveredit virtualserver_needed_security_identity_level=12 and that was also acknowledged with OK. Maybe the syntax and the correct order should be checked here, then it won’t happen again :slight_smile: