Security Level


my question is why you can generate a maximum security level of 128 in the TeamSpeak 3 Client, but on a TeamSpeak server you can only set it to a maximum of 100.


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Who would even put his security leven on 128 :D?

Well, safety first. So if you can set it to maximum, someone’s gonna do it.

Besides, you never know how many people are currently upgrading their security level to 128. Even if it takes many years; eventually someone will reach it, and if you don’t secure the server accordingly, it will be accessible “without” restrictions for them, as they will bypass the maximum security level of the server.

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After so many years nobody can remember why client offers more than possible in server.
If we would build the feature in today we would limit it to ~30-35.

Edit: Next TS3 Update (no release date available) will only allow 100.


Okay, thank you for the information.