Self-mute for a specific user


I’ve been looking all over the place and can’t find any info yet on this question:

How do I mute myself for a specific user? This still allows me to hear everyone else though.

In other words, I don’t want a specific user to hear me when I talk, however, I can still hear that specific user and also hear/talk to all other people in the channel.

Does that make sense?


That is not possible.

What you could do in TS3 is to whisper to the user who are in the channel and leave him out.


Thanks for your reply.

EDIT-- I found this video, is this what you’re referring to?

But (and I know this is going to sound stupid to you), how do you “whisper” to someone? I tried right-clicking on a channel and on the users I would like to talk to but can’t find a “whisper” feature.

That is indeed what he is referring too. The whisper feature is pretty powerful, so you have to set up a list appropriately to your intended use.

Alright, sounds good. Thanks for the assistance.

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