Send messages from discord channel to TS3 channel


Hey m8´s,

for a defined usecase I´m looking for a possibilty to send messages from a discord channel to a TS3 channel very fast. the content of the message includes text and sometimes images.

I am currently running a TS3 server. Regarding TS5, I can’t say anything, because unfortunately I was never in the BEATA circle here.

Possible Workarounds can be Skripts, or Bots.

Thanks in advance…

You can use any discord api library and the client query from ts3.
I’ll take the c# dsharpplus library as an example.

discord.MessageCreated += async (sender, e) =>
     ClientQuery.Send(channel_id, e.Message.Content); // thirdparty library

for the attachments you can use the url. since ts3 does not have a feature to use attachments in a channel.

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