Separate Client; Separate Output Device

Hey there,
I’m once again trying the unusual.
I want to set a separate output device for every Client.
Client 01 -> Output 01
Client 02 -> Output 02

Why do I need this?
I’m trying to control every Clients volume on my Mixer next to me, having all Clients bundled up in one Audio Output makes it harder to control everything, especially when Teamspeak is minimized.

So the Question is:
Is this kind of scenario possible or not?

In TS3 it is possible because you can setup different Playback profiles. But we don’t support running multiple clients.

Create several profiles and set a different device for the output in each profile.
In Bookmark select the profile you want to use.
Connect in new server tabs.


I think we talk cross each other.
I don’t mean that different clients from my Side with different Outputs. I mean different Clients in Channel.
So image the scenario 3 Guys sitting in one Channel.
Guy 1 is me
Guy 2 is you, and you’re on my Headphones
Guy 3 is a someone who plays Guitar and is on my Speakers.

Is that kind of scenario realistic or not?

No. You can only have one audio device active per connection.


I am pretty sure that you can reach your goal using a custom plugin.
I think the easiest would be for the plugin to expose some sort of MIDI device (?) that can be controlled and internally map the volume of that device to a client.