Server 3.13.0 [Beta]

So, if I understood well, this version (3.13.0) will come with WebQuery API enabled by default and in the next version (3.14.0) the old telnet ServerQuery will come disabled by default?

If yes, I have a good question: What about the memory leak from the moment the WebQuery API is enabled? I literally surrendered about transfer all my stuff fom the old telnet ServerQuery to the new WebQuery API cause this mentioned memory leak. Something like 1 week of uptime and 1GB of RAM gone.


The mentioned memory leak(s) in the change log is what we did fix and what you had in the past.
With this beta or stable version 3.13.0 this should be fixed completely or ar least much better (in case we missed something).

Feedback is welcome here if you still have such issue with that version.


Yeah, Im trying to reproduce what happened in the past. If the memory leak stay in the next few days I will give here some feedback.


If you like I can send you a private message with what I know. Its not a lot, but maybe I can get some details for you by the end of today.

Is a PM the way to go?


Kind of sad to see these changes too. Completely stupid and unrelated to racism. Those two words have nothing to do with BLM.


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This post related to the changelog: gets flagged as off-topic :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

Applies to this one too.


Sure if you don’t want to put that public.

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nice :smiley:

nice nice

The ignore channel password and ignore maxclients permissions don’t work, i tested it on Linux amd64 Centos 7,8 and Debian 9 and Windows 64 Bit.

Hope this will help you :smiley:

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That’s a good step!

One more thing which I suggested years before… It would be pretty awesome if you could add a new database into the weblist server as well.
What about MaxMind or something else? Just get rid of IP2Location… or should I rather say… «IP2Fake»?

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Yeah, I know, but this is how this world sadly works.

Either way, as I said earlier, very nice update, I’ll continue to support Staff but I had to be honest with what happened when reading that changelog.

But please, don’t be ridiculous like this next time as from what I can see, some people agree it was rather weird idea. And they might go away to other camp.

Edit, as someone thinks this is going off-top. It’s not. All these ”off-top” posts maybe barely but touch the topic, because we talk about a change made to the software. Sorry…

Hmm, after the update, i am unable to do anything. Even though i have full access (Server Admin) I can’t bypass anything (passwords, max clients, move other etc)

I also tried to test it with a new server creation just for test. So i made one, got the Server Admin from the priviledge key and made a channel with password. Logged out and logged in again, and ask for password. Even if the password is correct i still can’t join with the same error (invalid password). Also if there is channel limit the server admin can’t bypass it.

Is it enough to simply replace the old files with the new ones, because there are several changes now and I want to make sure that nothing gets lost in this update? :thinking:

I would like to kindly remind you this is a “Beta” build. I’d suggest to take a backup when testing such builds. If you’d like to remain on a stable build then I don’t think beta builds are for you.

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I know that this is a beta, hence the question

I think its time to change the web serverlist so server owners can add a domain/subdomain and allow the server owners to hide the IP of the server it’s not that hard to do and you guys still see the server IP and for the license and we can get the server more secure and more protection against DDoS … and more…
It’s 2020 … please …

fix the channel permission i_client_poke_power
don’t know why if I set it to -9999999 the users still can send a poke to other users on the server

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Because this only counts for this one channel only and not for others.

@anyone else the web list has nothing to do wit this server release!

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Can only reproduce the password part here. But i can join a channel when i enter the right one.

A server restart and now i can reproduce more.

What we can not reproduce is that the password is wrong part. If we enter the password it is accepted.


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