Server 3.13.0 [Beta]

Ahh, no worries. Thanks very much for clarifying! :slight_smile:

Hey Chris, would it not be best to let people know about this in the “Known issues” section?

Had it something in draft but never send it. I did it know.


Beta.2 is live.

Download and latest changelog can be found in main post on Top.
Changelog here on forum is newer then delivered within the server!


Everything looks normal until now. Thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

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Tested… seems worked fine for me. :slight_smile:

Untill now, with beta1, no memory leak. Something like +10MB of RAM with 4 days of uptime.
Testing now beta2. I will give some feedback here soon.


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Question, when we update the MMDB file, will the server pick up on that change automatically or does the server need to be restarted before it refreshes the data in memory?

Hello, when you install a new update it is strongly advised to stop the server to replace the files then to restart

The Geo IP database is loaded on server instance start.
Wen you change or remove the MaxMind database then a restart is needed.

@Karazhan is that a question or ? Doesn’t really fit to a post from above.


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Feedbacks for now are good :grin: i think this will be good release. :smiley:

We just released beta 3 and these are the changes.