Server 3.13.6

Server 3.13.6 is now available.

This update does fix that Server/Web Query got banned to fast and did not get unbanned without a server restart.

For User’s privacy we removed the optional location parameter for the clientlist command for Server/Web Query (which only worked when a MaxMind DB was loaded).


## Server Release 3.13.6 9 June 2021

### Fixed
- Query clients not getting unbanned
- Removed support for client_estimated_location property

Here you can download the server

The Download on our website follows within 24 hours.
A docker version should be available within the next 48 hours.

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hello chris could i ask you a favor we are still blocked by the site. I could put an external download for those who can not download it thanks


As suggested you may use any proxy website as long the issue does exist.


When are you update those link?

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You can use this website: and enter your URL that you want to visit and then try to download the File again. It should work. :slight_smile:

As of today, the Docker version has not yet been updated - is that related to the download issue?

Here is an updated Docker File:

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Thanks for the pointer and PR you created! :slight_smile:

I hope TS staff merge it soon. To increase reliability of Docker container update availability, that update process could probably be automated on Teamspeak’s side unless there are more changes than just the checksum and version string for some update in the future. Glad the Dockerfile is readily available so we can do it ourselves, though!


@youbroketheinternet TeamSpeak has finaly updated their Docker File. :slight_smile:

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There is a problem with allowlist. Query clients work great but not normal. I mean a lot of musicbot users. Ip from server is added to allowlist and the group for them has b_client_ignore_antiflood and it doesn’t work. They are banned whole time. Only one solution for me is change “Points to block IP” to higher value.

You mix 2 different topics here. So i do not know what is wrong here.

The allowlist has nothing to do with flood points on the server.

The allowlist is only there to ignore flood with Query commands and only Query commands.
The flood settings are there for client commands and not related to Query commands.

What server version is this?
How do these users connect and where do they get banned?


Sorry, I didn’t know that allowlist doesn’t connect with flood points. This is 3.13.6 version of server. The problem is that musicbot users have group with permision b_client_ignore_antiflood(i give them individual this permision for test, too). They are based on sinusbot, so they are using normal ts3 client and they are on one server(8 users summary). Problem is when they want to connect in one time. Few of them connect and the rest of them not(it depends on the settings of antyflood on server). On bot page i have message, that bots (that didn’t connect) have been banned. In my mind it shouldn’t have happened, becouse they have b_client_ignore_antiflood. When I will increase “Points needed to block IP” the problem doesn’t occur.

I have music bot, with this version I have no problem. In order for us to help you, you must provide more information about it.

What more informations? I think that i pointed everything what’s necessary. In my opinion there is a problem with permission “b_client_ignore_antiflood” or this permission only work, when client is connected and there is some other way to solve this problem(unfortunely, I don’t know it :disappointed:). Problem only exists when a lot of users want to connect at the same moment from the same IP.

My original anti-flood settings:

Could be but it seems fine here.
Could also be that the permission is not applied?
Where did you assign the permission to?
And have you checked the permission on such client with the permissions overview (from ts3)?

Why does this happen and why do they have the same IP and how many?

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