Server accessible in local network but not from public

I have installed the server with this guide on my raspberry pi 4 and I have forwarded the UDP (9987) and TCP (30033) ports in my router. I can connect to the server instantly via it’s local IP but not from the routers public IP or the noIP I’ve set up.

What am I doing wrong?

you can look at this link, this Topic is similar to yours’s so probably this could help you.


Hey, thanks for the reply but the post describes a fix related to the windows firewall. I am entirely on linux (Manjaro on Desktop, Raspbian on the TS3 server) and my Firewall doesn’t even seem to be on.

Okay, did you open in your Router IPv4 or Ipv6?

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IPv4 but I just saw that my router is a buggy mess and didn’t save my configuration. I’ll try to do it again once it lets me log in. This might resolve itself. Thanks either way :slight_smile:

Glad to hear,
you’re Welcome!