Server asking for password upon domain name join


I recently added a domain name to point towards our server. I got the name to resolve but it is now asking for a password upon connection. I have verified this with other users in different areas.

The regular server name provided by our hoster does not require a password (the server is not configured as such) and all connections can be made fine without a password when using the host provided TS server name and port.

Is there a step/configuration I am missing?

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

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You connect to another TS server on another IP or Port when you use that domain.
This is why you get asked for a password.

Compare which IP/Port you join there and then fix the resolve of the Domain.
Take the client log and find what is different.


You are right, It seems it is resolving the default 9987 port instead of the port specified in my SRV record. Would switching from ts3 to tsdns protocol help this?

I can connect if i use my domain and the correct port.

Is my hoster doing something to prevent it from correctly resolving? I can contact their support to see, if anyone thinks that is the case.

We did it!

In google DNS UI (possibly others) in the host (@ or Name) Field you do not need the fully qualified domain name ( you only need the subdomain (ts.)

So a correctly configured SRV record would read like

_ts3._udp.ts SRV 0 5 (TS Port) (tsserverhostname).

Assuming your subdomain is ts

Hopefully this can help someone new to DNS, like me. Thanks for all the help!

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