Server banner with current amount of users

Hi! I’m looking for a bot that will show the number of current people on the server and the time. All the ones I found don’t work or I can’t configure them. Maybe someone uses something worth recommending

This library will connect your banner to teamspeak. You will have to write the banner drawing function itself yourself.

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:open_mouth: Oh, i don’t know how to use this

  1. Download the script from github
  2. Create new directory on your webspace for example banner
  3. Upload ts3admin.class.php in banner directory and create a new file for example banner.php
  4. In banner.php file paste the script from text script file.

File - Text Script

P.S. I couldn’t post the whole code here, I don’t know why it says that the drafts is offline.

Your banner should look like this, of course you edit and add according to your needs

:warning: Of course you have to create a gif file in order to place the banner on the server and don’t forget to enter your information from the teamspeak server and query login. I tagged you in the picture.


How to create gif from this?