Server bot that Creates channels

Hey there, I’m searching for a bot that would do the following

Let’s say we got a Channel called Half-Life Roleplay Assignment
as soon as you join the channel the bot creates multiple channels like

Metro police
and so on

and when you switch to one of the channels the bot automatically creates a channel and moves you into for example Metropolice-1 and deletes the other channels again.

Does something like that exist already? I’ve seen it on a few Teamspeaks but the Owners simply don’t tell me where they got it from and I’m looking for something like that a long time now


it’s actually possible with third-party softwares (e.g. sinusbot scripts).

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Maybe this works for you:

You need sinusbot for that!


I use this and it’s a wonderful piece of software!

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can you maybe show a example for the channelscript before i waste my time on it ? :joy:

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I’ll grab you a screenshot of my config and server.

Public Channels
Users can Join the Channel Creators (in RED) to either make a Public High Quality or Public Low Quality Channel (in YELLOW).
These are Temporary and last 30 Minutes.
Users can make use of the Public Channels (in GREEN) which are designed to keep 3 free channels at all times, so as people join them it creates more.
These are Semi-Permanent, so until server restart.

Private Channels
Users above Rank Silver can join this to make a Temporary Channel with a password
These are Temporary and last 24 Hours.


Screenshots of Config

GREEN Script

Screenshots of Config

If I am not mistaking, the same thing could also be achieved by a normal query script.
Or even by a plugin inside your client. Of course, I assume those do not exist yet and have to be written yourself.
Of course, most options come with downsides. I’d take the server query way, because there you are language independent.

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